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This anime is getting so frustrating. The manga was really good and angsty but the anime seems really dull and unaffecting. There aren't any good transitions between scenes and I'm not finding any reason to have an affinity for any of the characters like I did in the manga. It is starting to feel like a really flat adaption of manga to anime
I got the same feeling since the first episode. I just can't quite put my finger on it, but I was slowly getting irritated. I just re-read the earlier volumes of the manga and I found the anime somewhat lacking in storytelling. Some of my favorite scenes from the manga weren't animated as I expected it to be, they don't leave the same impression on me as when I read it the first time eg. Zero's first time sucking Yuuki's blood. Might be Studio Deen's fault there.

But on the other hand, the anime made me notice that the series is scary, I certainly didn't mind that particular aspect due to the blood-drenched bishounens and the fact that I read Hino's earlier work of Merupuri that I didn't feel any fear . Adding some original stuff didn't hurt that much too and I appreciated that.
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