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Originally Posted by Weils View Post
- Basically, Miria and Hysteria are now fighting even, it's more of a "You touch me and I slap you back" kind of battle.

- Twins vs. Love-Hate Roxanne. No. 10 Raftela provides far distance reinforcement for the twins. However, it's still not enough to improve the situation.

- Flashback of Cassandra before she got wiped out by Roxanne. Upon her memories returning she awakens.

The blogger has been spilling out spoilers for the last 5 issues of Jump SQ and hopes that Deneve and the others will arrive, and wonders who the main characters are in this series.

My conclusion: Feels like it's a combination of all spoilers we have since thus far.
Man... and I was hoping for a single chapter devoted to just one fight/character

However based on the fact this one is just combining all the spoilers together is a seemingly logical way, it's likely the real spoiler... so I'm just going to have to deal with it
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