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I have to say Ryunosuke really gained my respect through this episode. Went from a mystery figure to really just making things happen here. Otherwise it really would have just continued to go downhill he forced out the main issues. I'd also agree he certainly isn't the type that should go off chasing Rita that's definitely Sorata's thing. In the end nothing he said was wrong, just that no one could appreciate the blunt truth. Rita completely lost sight of what she wanted to do.

At least it cleared the air. A lot of Rita's motivations weren't that pretty. Started off trying to introduce Mashiro to manga so she could experience a terrible failing. Though to be fair without Sorata she wouldn't have had the written material to make it work. I'd guess that Rita came to Japan at that point ready to escort a 'broken' Mashiro back to England, but things didn't go as planned since Mashiro didn't fail. Then things just really went bad when Rita started unloading everything onto Mashiro.

At least it mostly worked out by the end. Finally got down to Rita's core feelings of loving painting and caring about Mashiro. While it's not all cleared up since she's still going to try and get Mashiro back to England and painting at least it's better than nothing. Their friendship getting mended is pretty important.
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