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Am I an anti-social freak for siding with Ryuunosuke this episode? Seriously, Rita's moronic self-pity got on my nerves this episode, and seeing Ryuunosuke tearing her apart was a gratifying experience.
No, you are not. Ryuunosuke was entirely correct. Rita needed some sense slapped into her, as she was being horribly selfish and projecting her own issues onto Mashiro.

While people would call what Ryuunosuke did impolite, he did nothing like that. Speaking the truth is never impolite, though it can cause pain: because the person hearing it has taken a lot of effort to avoid it. Rita was using Mashiro and she got called out on it. She then exploded over the dealing with the reality.

The world is a lot better off when people are honest, but the price of honesty is high since we all like our own little delusions.
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