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Who exactly is Daath? Why did he give rebirth to Gai? And about Mana, she was reborn as well. I understand Inori is her vessel but that's a little, just a little confusing.

Another question. Gai rescued Inori ... and Inori from that moment was only a vessel with only a mind - a baby's mind where Gai taught her everything. Is there any other additional information on this?

Are there Extras in the BDs that were never subbed?

Wow this series could have easily been so amazing if they would have added more episodes about Inori and how her body was formed (since Mana's real body was decomposed by the virus in 2029 Christmas Eve). WTB a freaking OVA or some 2 movies with a better arc ... god this pisses me off -_-;; ... it's still one of my favorite series regardless.
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