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Originally Posted by Maniac View Post
any pc that can play h264 should have the file storage space to store larger files.
My pc can play h264, but only has a 40 gig disk. I dump all my data to my local fileserver though, which is a little bigger. Still, the point stands, you can still buy a brand new system from dell, apple, hp with 60-80 gigs, and in the case of apple, most system components aren't user-serviceable on most systems -- including the disk.

Filesizes should be getting larger, not smaller. $100 will buy you a 400 GB HDD nowadays. DVD's cost about $0.10 per disc. DVD burners cost $30. Enough with the small filesizes (anything under 200 MB, especially anything under 170 MB)
Originally Posted by Shounen
And saving a tiny 20-30mb wont help you that much
It's pretty unsatisfying when you go to burn a 26-ep series on dvd, and have to spill the last episode or two to a cd (or worse, the last 4-6 eps to a second dvd). Makes things messy in the binder/on the spindle, and feels like a poor utilization of media. Live hard drives are more flexible, but come with an associated maintenance cost (about $0.50/mo per disk in power costs for an idle drive). Not to mention that hard drives die fairly quickly (with an average life of about 3-4 years). Replacement costs are a bitch, and redundancy is even more of one.
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