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Originally Posted by bayoab View Post
File size has nothing to do with quality.
I think you are the one to be congratulated.

If your failings were to be true, then why don't we see any fansubs at 20MB or under?

Higher video bitrate(filesize) allows for higher video quality. Why is this difficult to understand?

Originally Posted by RaistlinMajere
Filesize is not a valid comparison, like Group A's Show X at 175MB looks better than Group B's Show Y at 140MB due to the 35MB difference, etc.
Yes yes, between different groups, there are things like different codecs, different encoders/settings/filters, different raws etc. And they would make such a superficial comparison pointless.

But then this topic deals with why some groups make filesize big when they can make them small instead.
At this point, a comparison in filesize isn't pointless. With same codecs, same encoders/settings/filters, same raws, it should be obvious which one has the advantage, a 100 MB encode or a 200 MB encode.
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