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Dude, Eva is dead. She died shortly after Ange first met Bernkastel. Ange mentions the funeral during her conversation with Okanogi. The silver haired woman chasing Ange in 1998 is Sumadora Kasumi, Kyrie's little sister.

Of coarse you could have been speculating that Eva's shambling corpse is manipulating Kasumi from the shadows and plotting to take over the world or something, in which case I stand corrected. (Actually, that would make for a pretty weird plot twist now that I think about it, as that would mean you could explain all the murders with "zombie attack" and be done with it.)

Moving on, Ithekro makes a good point. All of the Maria/Rosa flashbacks have been thrice filtered and can hardly be called "unbiased". Memories are not always the most accurate and Maria may not have been entirely honest in her depiction of events (Ange suspected that Maria may have been selective in what she chose to remember in an earlier scene). It would be best to assume, at least for now, that there are parts of the picture that Maria didn't get to see and give Rosa the benefit of the doubt. Not too much doubt mind you, that bitch already deserves to have her parenting license revoked for the things we can confirm. But still, got to keep things in perspective.
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