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Originally Posted by wingdarkness View Post
Michelle Pfeiffer has NOTHING to worry about IMO...Anna Hathaway is gonna be so over the top for this content...What a miscast, I'm already soured a bit...Nolan is the $hit, but I wonder if he can control multiple villains and a slew of A-list actors, plus the pressure of actually having a 3rd movie not do what most 3rd movies do...We'll see...
I should point out that Hatheway was technically cast as Selena Kyle, not Catwoman. There is no current indication that Hatheway will actually put on a spandex outfit and parade around for all to see (in fact, Nolan and crew could pull a 180 and make the new Catwoman a strict white collar criminal, thus placing her in a position with easy access to Bruce Wayne without needing the costume at all). Additionally, even if she does take up a costume, much like the rest of the series, I expect it will be very simple, something befitting an actual cat-burglar.

In the end, Hatheway is a competent enough actress that as so long as she is not required to do any serious fight scenes, she should be able to pull off a convincing performance.
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