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hmmm, ok, a bit off the topic there, but still K-On though.

when do their school year start? i remember on the ep 1 of s2, there were cherry blossoms, so it must start at spring, right? and how about summer class. last time i checked, summer follows spring. so i don't get how that really work. (i'm not japanese, so i don't know the total timeline of their seasons, but i'm basing that on what other countries in the northern hemisphere are experiencing.).

and some stuff that i don't kinda like about the anime that i have noticed just now. they have the equipment, the room, the time, but they, for the most part, don't spend them as wisely as they should, like having practices and whatnot. it's just that, my friends and i am really wishing we could have those stuff, we have to rent a studio for our practice, and we don't have time either. (oh, i'm just stressed out these days maybe, but i do have a point do i?). but they (the K-on girls) do practice sometimes, it's just that, if we were in their position, we would be jamming our hearts content. but having tea and breaks are good too.

o well... could someone answer these. (just some thoughts that lingered in mind).
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