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Originally Posted by Ryonea View Post
Well, first of all, the anime didn't show their activities every day. Hence why the extra episodes are set as insert episodes, right? Who knows they might have some very serious training at a day or two~ (outside of the episodes) but at least we know that the girls are quite diligent to practice at their own home.
ok, you have a point there. i guess it's not that they don't practice a lot, it's just that they were rarely seen practicing in the anime. didn't think of that. (though there are some incidents where Azusa claims they don't practice enough, and used that argument in order to train Ritsu when she faces the student council in making a request for an aircon. they didn't gave a straight answer as to why, but they promised they would practice. that's good). guess i'm a little jealous of them, that's all. ( i guessed i sorta answered my own question too).

thanks. now could someone answer my other question about when does their school year and summer class start? still clueless about that.
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