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[manga] Sage of the Six Paths General Discussion

It's been said that the sage of the six paths was the first ninja to create modern ninjutsu (what ninja uses today in present). It is unknown how he came to this world. Was he born like all humans or is he a product of some demonic intervention (is he half human and half demon). Considering his vast powers I would place my bet on him being half demon or at least have some connection with the juubi (meaning perhaps one of his parents was demon). His powers are able to control bijuu's now maybe he got his bloodline after sealing the juubi into himself, but I remember a information about him meeting the juubi after he started his traveling to spread ninjutsu around the world.
  • He has the rinnegan the most powerful ocular bloodline that exist.
  • It seams he got the fully developed rinnegan (both the rinnegan and sharingan) after sealing the juubi into himself) (look closely and if I am nor mistaken in this pic he has both rinnegan and sharingan)

He had or maybe even invented the greatest has power in Naruto world called izanagi. He was literally able to create reality into an illusion and illusion into a reality. He was also able to create thing out of nothing and give them life. This is how he created the nine bijuu's using juubi's chakra.
My theory is that he also left some part of himself within bijuu's when he crated them. Why else would Naruto received his psychical powers when he absorbed the nine tails chakra. He had to sons, it would seam that Naruto is the decanted of the second son (ether by blood or some other way). But it is confirmed that Sasuke and Madara are the decedents of the first son.
  • One of his powers it seams to be the sealing techiques, it is belived that he created the very first sealing jutsu.
  • He seams to have some connection with the Uzumaki clan, who were very skilled sealing masters.
  • It's been proved that Uzumaki's are able to acquire his power (rinnegan eyes), which leads to believe that he had some connection to the Uzumaki's. It is maybe even possible that he was Uzumaki himself (we never hears his name or last name, when Madara refers to him he calls him 'sage of six paths').

There are currently four people who are in possession of his power or some of it...
Madara, Nagato, Danzou, Naruto, Sasuke (he is optional, we don't know if by having EMS you can gain some of sage powers, that's why I didn't numbered him among this four). But to use his power to max level it seams you need power from both sons (Senju and Uchiha), only then will they be capable of using Izanagi without any consequences. Sage was the only who was able so far to use this power without giving anything in return (Danzou had to sacrifice one of his eyes every time he used this. And if I remember he also had the time limit before he can use it again. Also Danzou only had the power to create reality into an illusion).
In reality his powers were so great that on his death bad he was able to extract the juubi from himself and separate it into the nine parts. He did this to save the world, but this also confuses me as to what he thought that by separating one monster into nine would save the world. Wouldn't nine beings destroy world faster then one?

His psychical form was what made me believe that he is in fact half demon or maybe half of something else like gods, angels etc. Why else would he have horns on his head? While Naruto now has horns as well leads me to believe that it was not helmet (for the lack of better word) that he had but those horns were the part of his body.
Also there is about his necklace that to showed on Naruto's new form and I now that necklace was not part of his body. This also may be true about horns not being part of his body, but maybe I am wrong.

* Some guidelines that needs to be followed....
  • No insulting, flaming and trolling, you can have a debate among each other but just because you don't agree with someones opinion does not mean you can insult them.
  • This thread is only for discussions about the sage himself, while you may discuss things that are related to the sage to some level to him. You can't discuss other things here.
  • I will give some freedom here so you can discuss juubi as well (considering they were one been for a long time (till death separates us ). Originally this thread was meant for both Sage and Juubi, but because by putting Juubi in the title I would be breaking 'No spoiler rules', I decided to make things this way.
  • Please don't use one lines / one sentence while posting. Otherwise this thread will be became pointless and probably closed.
  • Post intelligently and most important have fun
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