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It's been said that the sage of the six paths was the first ninja to create modern ninjutsu (what ninja uses today in present).
  • He has the rinnegan the most powerful ocular bloodline that exist.
  • It seams he got the fully developed rinnegan (both the rinnegan and sharingan) after sealing the juubi into himself)

He had or maybe even invented the greatest has power in Naruto world called izanagi. He was literally able to create reality into an illusion and illusion into a reality. He was also able to create thing out of nothing and give them life. This is how he created the nine bijuu's using juubi's chakra.
Lots of good stuff to talk about here! Thanx for the thread!
Down to business:the 3 points I wanted to talk about are quoted.
1. I was looking, but I couldn't find where it was stated that the Rikudo sage started the Ninju religion, which was then evolved (or devolved) into Ninjutsu. Being a precursor to Ninjutsu would fit very well into my next point.
2.The Rikudo sage was able to make illusion into reality. As it is said that he is the creator of the tailed beasts (from the splitting of the one beast) it would be safe to assume he re-created the 10 tails as several different entities as to keep them from wanting to unite into one being again. Such an act would be far beyond simple Ninjutsu, and would really be like Creating a reality from raw energy.
3. My final point is about his eyes. In your own picture if you look at the eye painted above the sage's head it's a combination of Rinengan and sharingan and it has 9 tomes. It looks like 3 sharingan combined into one eye with 3 tomes along each circled line. I had always assumed that this is what his eye looked like, and that the 6 tome necklace was the signifigance of the Tomes (totaling 6) in the pair of sharingan eyes, and
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