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Please correct me if i'm wrong, but what you called as "tome" is a "Tomoe" and those things in the Sage's Chest aren't Tomoe but Magatama.

The answers about #1 are on the first mentions about the Sage, i believe that it was Jiraiya the first one to mention him. #2 is simple, Kishi doesn't think to that level, to him is Ninjutsu because the sage used some skills where ninjutsu is involved and that's all. This is fiction,
Spoiler for manga:

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You forgot to mention The Gold and Silver Brothers .
Spoiler for manga:

About the thread itself... i believe that's beyond any analysis... Madara was crystal clear:
Sasuke: Sage's elder son.
Naruto: Sage's younger son.

And that's all you need to know. They're natural born enemies. Madara even respects Hashirama, but in the end they are enemies.
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