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Originally Posted by milan kyuubi View Post
Was he born like all humans or is he a product of some demonic intervention (is he half human and half demon). Considering his vast powers I would place my bet on him being half demon or at least have some connection with the juubi (meaning perhaps one of his parents was demon).
I think Kishimoto does not want to introduce "demons" to this story, until now everything was explained by means of science. For example bloodlines and special abilities all being genetic traits. Superhuman powers are used in a very limited way, for example death god and the 9 demons. The death god used by minato was always just a summon, it had no other purpose in the story, the 9 demons are also just used as tools. So i think it's more likely that the creation of a child like the guy who became the sage is simply a random genetic mutation, where "random" can be interpreted as "fate" or "god's will". Of course as the story advances and the main characters have more and more powers it's inevitable for Kishimoto to shift from the scientific realm to the superhuman realm, new powers being explained not by means of science but powers coming from the other worlds. However i think only powers will come from there and not creatures, the role of death gods and such will never be more than tools in the hand of ninjas. The other possibility would be that Madara somehow opens a gate between worlds and some monsters/demons come out of it, but i think that wouldn't fit the story well.

But who knows, currently it seems that we are at Cell saga
I mean Madara reavealed that he wants to become "complete". What will be android 16 and 17 here?
One thing is the rinnegan eyes from Nagato, the other may be the demons being sealed in Madara. And there we have Perfect Madara.

After the Cell saga however came some superhuman crazy magical stuff in DB, so if Naruto continues the same pattern maybe demons and death gods and mighty magicians who control them may appear.

Originally Posted by Voinic View Post
You forgot to mention The Gold and Silver Brothers . It was mentioned that they're very close to the Rikudo Sennin, IF so, then Naruto is very close to the Rikudo Sennin as well, cuz he's an Uzumaki and has 6 scratches on his cheeks.
That was just raikage's assumption, so Kishimoto may or may not use that in the future story, as it fits his needs. I mean Kishi can just forget about this since he didn't present this as a fact.

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