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Originally Posted by Ero-Senn1n View Post
I was thinking like that too, but we must see that there were 3 ninja world wars after the demons were distributed to villages. So it seems the analogy is wrong, demons do not prevent wars. Just look at how the sand wanted to use Gaara against Konoha.
Well, Indochina, Vietnam, Afganistan, Falklands, Pakistan-India, etc... Nuke doesn't prevent wars.
So, one thing is the reason to have these tailed beasts and not to kill them and another one is if that reason was correct or wrong (it was proven wrong IMO).

The weapon that Nagato wanted to create would be more like it, but since only one side would have it at a time that would also be different from nuclear weapons.
I would take Nagato's history very carefully, because we don't know how Madara gained his favor. We don't know if that's history was the history that Madara told him or if Nagato wanted to trick Madara.

Spoiler for manga:
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