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Originally Posted by Voinic View Post
That's not true, as far as I'm concerned. Orochimaru killed the Kazekage, took his position and ordered Gaara to attack Konoha with the Bijuu.
If something is completely wrong the top officials will disagree with the kage, but they agreed. Just look at how raikage is sure that Danzou will be removed from the hokage position once the jounin council of Konoha hears what he did and that he is not trusted by other kages. A kage is not some kind of absolute dictator who can do whatever he wants.
Also it's probable that Orochimaru killed the kazekage after all the invasion plans were made, you can't impersonate a kage for too long without someone noticing that something is wrong. Orochimaru was there in the forest of death too.

Even in this war the tsuchikage wanted to use Naruto and KillerBee in the war, the only reason they are not used in this war because they are the targets of Madara.
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