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Originally Posted by KaneDragon View Post
Oh, so we do have an Aoi Hana manga thread. Kinda wondered. Either way, I guess I'll have to settle with /u/ for much activity.
Kind of sad that AH gets so little attention here. But I also have to admit that the two months wait between the chapters dampens the excitement considerably.

I have trouble understanding the purpose behind Yassan's backstory. She was obviously never meant to be a fleshed out character (her backstory in ch 46 didn't change much for me) so why waste so many pages on her? (these pages could've shown Ah-chan asking Hinako-sensei for advice instead, for instance)
Nevertheless, I'm kind of glad Pon-chan's play is going to be incorporated into the plot. It's such a nice parallel to Fumi's and Akira's story.
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