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Memory tricks definitely wouldn't work on Zouken though. Honestly the abnormality in his behaviour is that he participated in Heaven's Feel, not that he skipped out on Fate and UBW.
It's not an abnormality, he participated because he thought it was worth it (and, really, he was entirely right, judging by how close he got to achieving his goal relative to the other two routes, where the Grail gets dismantled 10 years later). And, honestly, the difference between HF and the other routes is precisely that Zouken participated in HF. Without that HF would not have happened, and once he gets involved something like HF is inevitable.

Originally Posted by Altima of the Gates View Post
Wouldn't make much sense that they could reasonably cover up the 4th war, given the huge amount of deaths (over 400 deaths in a huge inferno that took out a good part of the city, as opposed to say, the 50 disappearances in HF).

The Einzberns fund repairing the damage caused in the wars, but with the way mind altering magic works, it couldn't feasibly work after the 4th war's events. There would be too many things to remind people of the gaps in their memories.
Except that it's canon that they did cover it up. It might be absurd, but it is still canon. I know you think highly of yourself and don't think you can possibly be wrong about anything, but your opinion still doesn't supercede Nasu's.

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I was just talking about the school incident during the 5th war. The 4th war's inferno was very clearly not covered up, considering the site of the incident was made a landmark and memorial.
The fact that something happened wasn't. The exact nature of that something clearly was. The same applies to the school incident. People know that something happened, but not that it was magical in nature.
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