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Saber says at first that Shirou "must give the order" for her to destroy the grail, but follows it up a few pages later by pretty much saying she just wants to hear him say it himself. It's not made explicitly clear, but I feel like she just wanted to make sure Shirou was as resolved as she was.

There's also the fact that destroying the Grail was effectively suicide for her, one for giving up entirely on her wish once and for all, and two because (as far as they knew) destroying the grail would destroy the mechanism that held Saber's contract, meaning she would finally actually go back to her proper time and die for real, never being summoned as a Heroic Spirit again. She may have not trusted herself not to hesitate, and with so much on the line, didn't want to risk it. That's just a theory though.

Edit: It could have also just been Saber attempting for some sense of closure in her relationship with Shirou. It was his last command spell, so she could have asked for it as a symbolic way of saying that their time together, and their contract, was coming to a definite end.
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