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Originally Posted by BlackCatXIII View Post
Hi Lorelai.. Bien Venu a Animesuki.. (sorry my french ain't that good ^^' )
Sounds like you have lotz on your ming.. don't we all.. ^^

I'm sure you have a beautifull house.. good luck with the renovation
(it must be hard working on you house and temporarly living somewhere else..)

So you like RPGs ehh~ I like em a lil too.. Don't get carried away now..
Think how cool it would be to play em in your new house *wink wink*

BTW, I luv arhitecture, especially the old derelict type.. mostly because they're like a big flower garden in a way.. I luv flowers ^__^ especially white ones..

You say your renovating.. what style are you going for.. I hope your not going to go for the ultra modern approuch ... but anyway wathever type of shelter makes you feel good is a good choice IMO

Lorelai this has been bugging me.. your name wouldn't by any chance be a refrence to the role-playing game Suikoden ^^
Thanks ^_^ Were having fun with it, although its stressfull as hell and the only living accomadation we have right now is a trailer in the garden.

But as for the interior we plan to keep it as traditional as possible with fixtures and fittings, and expose all the arched beams and exterior beams where it has been covered with the creperie.

heres a few poictures of the propety from the summer when we first moved in:

As for the name nope it didnt come from suki (although Lorelai was one of my favorite chars) it comes from a song I heard and it just stuck. Anyway take care and also welcome all new people too ^_^
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