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Meh, this was a bad episode.

1) Placing all those traps would have taken months. Also, how could they possibly know where exactly the enemy will walk and place their traps accordingly? And logs? Where did they find logs? And how did they get them where they wanted them? And how did Keichi and Rena know the three guys would come at them through that exact spot that allowed them to catapult the barrel at them?

The whole mountain scenario was so ridiculous in so many ways. It was a huge disappointment.

2) Why are the Yamainu so horribly incompetent? It's like they randomly picked some teens off the streets to be in their elite force. There is no way Kasai should have been able to intimidate the two guys at the clinic like that. Besides, one of them had a clear opening to shoot Kasai while his friend was being kicked and he did nothing.

3) How come the kids are so calm and confident? They're being chased by a dozen guys with automatic weapons! Any normal person would be on the edge of panicking in a situation like that.

4) The animation was pretty bad again. I felt the animation in most action scenes lacking and there was that one scene where Hanyuu was praising Keichi and he just stood frozen like a lemon and it looked really unrealistic. That is not how a studio like KyoAni would have handled it.

This is rapidly becoming my least favourite chapter in the anime. They're constantly breaking the mood with absurdities that have no place in an anime with a serious plot like Higurashi.
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