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No he didn't. They were both against the wall, then Kasai came in and somehow managed to kick the first one before he could shoot and then the second one just froze in place and didn't shoot even though he had several seconds to do so before Kasai shoved his shotgun into his face.

I suppose if you're really nice you could let this go by pulling out the bad animation card, but it was still bad
It's called intimidation. His size, the tone of his voice and the power of his shotgun all made them scared of him. Kasai said it himself, he has a higher body count than them, making him more experienced. Compared to him they're rookies. Kasai used to work with the Sokozakis and the Sonozakis are the yakuza.

That doesn't explain anything. They were still being chased by many men who intend to kill them in cold blood. It would take much more than a few tragedies and some bullying to become hardened against that.

And again, regardless of whether it can be credibly explained or not, it just looked off. They were cheery like they were playing games and it's simply not a reaction you'd expect out of anyone in a situation like that.
There is no right way to act. Some people act differently in situations. To them they love this kind of stuff, it gets their adrenaline pumping. Keiichi was having the time of his life during the duel with Rena in Tsumihoroboshi. In Minagoroshi they were the same way until Keiichi got shot because they foolishly attacked head on. This time they have the advantage because they had time to plan.

Yes, I know how the original games look. It's not a good excuse for bad animation, though.

Anyone defending Deen against these accusations is clearly not thinking objectively.
Compared to the first season, the animation and artwork is much better. If you think otherwise then you need to rewatch the first season to remember how bad it was.
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