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That doesn't explain anything. They were still being chased by many men who intend to kill them in cold blood. It would take much more than a few tragedies and some bullying to become hardened against that.

And again, regardless of whether it can be credibly explained or not, it just looked off. They were cheery like they were playing games and it's simply not a reaction you'd expect out of anyone in a situation like that.
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It's called intimidation. Keiichi was having the time of his life during the duel with Rena in Tsumihoroboshi. In Minagoroshi they were the same way until Keiichi got shot because they foolishly attacked head on. This time they have the advantage because they had time to plan.
Also in Watanagashi/Meakashi-hen Keiichi wasn't afraid that he was going die when "Mion" had him held down and was going to tourture him. He was more concerned about her health, he was even joking around with her. Also like others said in Minagoroshi it was only when Keiichi was killed that they started to freak out.

The Yamainu are just another club game game to them. Like how the dual with Rena was a club game to Keiichi.
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