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Originally Posted by Isegrim View Post
Is there any further information about sakuradite?
It seems to be a very interesting sort of matter, maybe in a chemical bond like mercury in cinnabar, so they need to extract it (like mentioned in S1). Being so explosive could be if Sakuradite isn't stable at normal atmospheric conditions, so it has to be preserved under pressure.

I hope they won't treat it as some alchemy-thing... just using something with mystic power, without understanding.
One major property of Sakuradite was its use as a material for making room-temperature superconductors. This is actually the major industrial use of the material, and why it is so highly prized. Every other use for Sakuradite are recent discoveries timeline-wise.

Part of the effect of Sakuradite was the phasing out of tradition firearms for electromagnetic weapons, either of the Gauss Rifle or Railgun variety. Sakuradite made it possible to miniaturize these weapons down to pistol-size, a marvel in itself.

See this link supplied by Renegade334 in the world-history thread:

As you can see, the discovery of Sakuradite revolutionized engineering. It would not be surprising if Sakuradite wiring is used in all the Knightmares, and that the electric-motors that power them used Sakuradite superconductor magnets.

Above all else, the reason Area 11 is financially self-sufficient and indeed earning immense profit for the Empire, was because of the Sakuradite mountain that was Mt Fuji.
(The real reason for invasion was for the Geass ruins, but a country that couldn't feed itself is not a country you want to invade and keep.)
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