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Agreed. Beam spamming can look cool, but in the end everything just seems too simple. Of course, pretty much everything was simple for Suzaku and Lancelot except for some mild threats in the form of Kallen and that energy field in 24-25.

So that is supposed to be what will probably become a common suit within the OotBK? I hope it has more weapons than just that arm. The Order seemed to lack many long range attacks which I think would be rather effective, with the exception of Suzaku going all berserk in 24-25.
actually the second mass production model for the black knights is probably this guy right here:

The Gekka test type is just what you/the main character gets if you join the black knights in the ps2/psp game; basically a poor man's Guren Mk2. But I'd still love to see one of those running around with a sword in one hand while melting something with the other. >_>
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