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Thank you.

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The arm for the mass production ones, as well the one the Guren has due to the original being destroyed, is not as powerful as the original, correct? As for sword combat, I would expect that to stay with Toudou and his group with most of the others using the standard equipment as well as the arm.

I suppose that leaves the other three new Knighmares in that R2 pic. Two of them have weird horns and the other sort of looks like it has a hat or something. I'm expecting those suits to mainly be close combat types like most Knightmares, since the only really powerful unit with long range attacks was the Gawain. Of course, I suppose the original could be recovered and a new improved version could be made.

We never did get to see what that Druid system could do, did we?
There's actually four unknown Knightmare Frames left. The one that's between the Vincent, and Guren, the one behind the Guren, The one that's beside the Glasglow, and the one that's beside the green gekka.

If one of those were to be Lelouch's custom unit I would guess it either to be the one that's between the Vincent, and Guren. I think the other two in the back could be two of Knightmare Frames of the Knights of the Round. They just give me a Britannian type of "Vibe," and I don't think that Knightmare Frames that "uniquie" would belong to normal pilots.
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