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Originally Posted by Aebliss View Post
On the subject of 'Make Haruki look less like a jerk' - remember after the first patrol, when Kyon originally finds his bicycle has been towed and he has to walk all the way home, perhaps pay a fine? Haruhi was nowhere to be seen.

In our Seitenkan version, we could have Haruki cycle past and find Kyonko fuming about finding the message about her bicycle having been towed away.
Spoiler for Dialogue ideas:
Haruki doesn't have a bicycle, as far as I know. He takes the train home.

Also, he was in too much of a bad mood when he left, remember? He didn't even show up on Monday.

Lastly, Kyon-chan doesn't have a mother, or she isn't around. Much like how, in the original, Kyon's father is never mentioned.

It's a good idea, but...
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