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Originally Posted by Myssa Rei View Post
Eh, eh? No one deemed to point out that, yet again, Kitamura is the CENTER of the attention of the females of the class?
Really now, he reminds me of my friend, who is actually popular with girls. While I am kind of related to Ryuuji's case, where people think I'm a delinquent because of my eyes.
This episode lack something for me. The progress between Taiga and Ryuuji from the episode two was stucked. I thought the first scene would made some "jealousy" from Taiga. But only to find more disappointment that she has no reaction at all.
Come on, it's already 7th episode... And I think this series is only scheduled for 12-13 episodes.(not presuming a second season). She's still crazy with Kitamura.
Don't curse me guys but I just think a development should progress. The episode two gave a big progress. But after each episode, it's getting smaller.
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