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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
Didn't see any reason to spoiler that quote ...
but what you're noticing is one of the fundamental differences because of the source material. One is created from an eroge game (though Key products tend to be leaps and bounds better than the average eroge game in terms of story production). The other is created from an actual story - a light novel series. Material created from manga and light novels are able to create ensemble casts that mesh and do not have to worry about "stitching routes" together. Toradora! comes from a light novel series and a manga series.

That isn't to say great anime adaptations can't come from eroge, I have a few in my archive ... but it requires an anime production staff with the writing skills to pull off the "stitching": something more the exception than the usual.
For the last time, Clannad is no eroge, which is rare for Key. (Though there'll be legions of Kyou fans that wished it was for that warehouse scene. )

Anyway, the tension between Taiga and Ryuji that was central to this arc was de-emphasized significantly, not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Will have to see next episode to find out.

Not only is Ami the ingredient that enlivens the cast, she's also the one that causes sever jaw pain as they tend to drop too many times at the sight of her in her swimsuit.

Tanaka Rie shows she can still do psycho ladies as the stressed-out single 29-year-old homeroom teacher.
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