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One Piece - Chapter 560 (manga)

Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

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Ah, it's always nice to have early spoilers. Sumary time:

-Chapter title is "Prisoners of Impel Down". Zoro's ministory mentions something about a shadow crouching nearby. I guess him and Perona aren't alone on the island, then....?

-Hancock whispers to Luffy that she's glad he arrived, and gives him the keys for Ace's handcuffs. Luffy hugs her in gratitude, which pretty much causes her to spazz out. Smoker of course tries to stop Luffy, but Hancock turns his jutte into stone with her DF power, and it breaks apart.

-Buggy seems to be hatching up some crazy plan with Mr. 3 and his followers. Meanwhile back to Iva vs. Kuma, Doflamingo explains how Kuma was gradually converted into a Pacifista, starting with his limbs, and recently his head was just completed (which confirms the theory that he's indeed a complete cyborg now). Iva is saddened that Kuma is now a mindless killing machine, but gets angry when he sees his former comrade attacking some of the other ID prisoners. Iva says that he's prepared to go all-out against him now......

-Cut to Crocodile and Daz, who've been seperated from Luffy and co. Naturally Crocoboy still intends to take Whitebeard's head, and blows away some pirates who try to stop him. However, Jozu appears and manages to get in a good hit on the sandman (Croc says that Jozu is surprisingly fast despite his size, so I don't think this has anything to do with Haki). Jozu gets ready to attack again, but gets stopped by Doflamingo, who was nearby. He mocks Crocodile, who gets pissed and threatens to kill him, but Doflamingo has a different suggestion: Joining forces with him. It seems like the both of them will fight Jozu......

-Mihawk is now the one to stop Luffy in his tracks. Apparently, he's itching for a fight against the supernova rookie(!!!).......

Holy crap, this chapter sounds epic! There's a LOT going on here, going by the summary. Still, the idea of Mihawk of all people wanting to fight Luffy is..... damn. The possibility of a Croc/Doflamingo tag team vs. Jozu sounds pretty crazy, too. Also, the impending battle between Iva and Kuma reminds me of what I said in the last chapter thread about wanting to see the true power of Okama Kenpo. Still too bad we didn't get any update on Jinbei vs. Moria, though. I guess there's just too much chaos going on to keep track of everything in a single chapter!

But I think I'm most looking forward to whatever plan Buggy is concocting with his prison crew (and unfortunately, I'm probably the only one who's interested). Well, pics should be out in a couple of days, methinks.....

Oh, and there's no chapter next week. Just lettin' you guys know now.
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