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Originally Posted by C.A. View Post
Instead of Buggy's bombs, I really want to see more of his henshins and gattais.

Oh, you mean something like that "Docking" bit from Thriller Bark, right? (Shame we didn't see the complete version of that....) Yeah, that would be awesome, though I rather like the idea of Buggy making some super-bomb that can potentially nuke Marineford, too.

By the way, I know that there's undoubtedly going to be confusion about how Hancock acquired the keys to Ace's shackles, but I think I can make a guess here: She probably managed to swipe them as soon as she arrived at Marineford from Impel Down (after all, she's been there about a whole day before Luffy arrived, so she probably had plenty of opportunities). If that's the case, then she was either waiting to hand Luffy the keys from the beginning or had planned to rescue Ace herself if he couldn't make it. Either way, that ain't gonna fly too well with the marines.....

Now, as far as Luffy vs. Mihawk goes, I honestly think Luffy has less of a chance against Mihawk then he did against Smoker. Still, ol' Hawk Eyes seemed pretty interested in fighting him (he apparently makes some comment about Shanks when they face off), so maybe he considers Luffy to be a warm-up to his inevitable confrontation with Zoro.....?
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