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How about super red nose cannon

I like the spoilers except the part about mihawk vs luffy. Its just doesn't fit to the idea. I mean mihawk is supposed to be zoro aim. And luffy fighting him. Maybe it will not be a serious fight or it will be halted. Because I can't see any merit their for the story except its good to be godly awesome but I wish too see mihawk ownage when he fights zoro.

As for luffy embracing hancock............... drooling........................... is smoker not dead yet? he supposed to be with a SUPER charge hancock.

Donflamingo and Crocoboy joining up to beat the 3rd commander will be awesome. 2 wackos vs a giant diamond. But it just proves how strong a commander of white beard is. For 2 warlord to even try to mess up with one. And the 1st commander is in par with an admiral.

Maybe Teach is right for ace being near legendary/ I mean the commarnders are near legendary levels.
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