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Originally Posted by justinstrife View Post
Everything about her(except dual wielding 1911 .45's FTMFW!) bugs me in the negative way. I do not like her type of character at all, and I hate couplings that appear forced to me, and her with kinji feels forced.

Maybe the manga version doesn't have the qualities that bug me, I'll have to read it. The anime version though, I haven't seen an episode yet where I liked her in it.
I'm opposite. I love EVERYTHING about her. XD
Their relationship actually feels quite natural to me. They certainly aren't rushing things. If they had confessed to one another in this episode, then yeah, that would be very rushed/forced.
But I feel like they're stringing us along with AriaxKinji at a perfect pace. Not in love yet but are starting to feel an attachment.
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