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Originally Posted by Nina.Wolken View Post
Chiemi didn't have an ultrasound since Kenzan didn't know it would be a boy. So there is a chance they didn't know they were two, if we put aside the fact that a pregnant woman usually realizes such thing by herslef...
Actually I read that it has been known to happen where a mother did not know she was having twins. I guess it's really rare with today's technology but if they didn't have an ultrasound then I think it is very possible that they just didn't know there were two.

And the second child doesn't always come directly after the first.

Of course I am not really sure storywise it would matter if Shouma was a surprise child. Shouma being adopted seems like it would be more significant to the story.

But I am still struck by the fact that Shouma and Kanba have the same green eyes.

edit: I am also wondering if Momoka really died that day. Her body was never recovered and they are hiding her face. Well even if she is dead, I am sure there is more to her story.
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