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well according to Est, she said they shared the same feeling.
Im assuming both of them experienced a hard loss of there partner.

Est's old partner was said to turn into crystal?
While Kamito lost Restia.

Est also did say she does seem to like kamito. LOLOL..
Im also curious as to how far they progressed.

Also i assume the other contractors arent as stupid as claire in trying the ceremony out like 3 consecutive times pissing the sealed spirit off. :P

U have to admit, claire in vol.1 is a BAKA.
She is the type to totally get drunk on power, hence should never have a taste of it.

Originally Posted by XFire View Post
Also, he can't S mode her because she is a deadpan loli who will do whatever he says, then troll him while doing it.
Vol.1 was epic in her lines.

"...Est, what are you doing here!"

"Sleeping with you." Est replied with a deadpan look.

"Not that, I am asking why are you in my bed!"

"Because I am your contracted spirit."


There's no use. She is not the type to communicate with easily.
Theres just no way u could win against her... even im agreeing with Kamito.
Its a lost cause b4 u even attempt it.
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