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Another confusing episode, and a lot unknown. However, I don't think Chloe, Maeve and Maggie were necessarily written out of existence, but rather that Ao changed the timeline by erasing the Vesteralen scub coral from existence. Essentially, there never was a scub coral that appeared in Vesteralen.

To break it down:

Ao fires the quartz weapon very close to the Vesteralen coral plant. Afterwards, Pied Piper returns to "Vester" and Ao asks about the coral plant. Elena tells him that there has never been a coral plant there. In episode 15, Chloe tells Ao that her family moved to Vesteralen just after she was born so that her parents could work at the coral plant there.

However, if there is no coral plant at Vesteralen, then Chloe's family never moves there, and she and Maeve do not grow up in an environment rich in trapar particles. Therefore, they never become Generation Bleu pilots.

Remember, when Gazelle speaks to Ao in his bedroom, Gazelle merely tells Ao that there are no Gen Bleu employees named Chloe, Maeve, or Maggie, not that he's searched all databases and the three do not exist.

Note: I don't remember Maggie's backstory, if she had one, and it still doesn't explain why there wouldn't still be a Goldilocks team, but piloted by different children.

Spoiler for preview:

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