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^ That's an interesting idea, and it makes me think of something. Let's say there was a dude who was living in Vester until the place got infected by the coral. Then he moved out, and in his new town he met a woman and they got married and had a child.

Now, following your idea, if Vester never was infected by the coral due to Ao altering the timeline, for this guys it would mean that he never moved out of town, and so never met his wife and never had a child...

In the case of the Goldilocks kids Ao got lucky since they weren't erased from existence. They just never became Generation Bleu pilots. But my little example here shows that if Ao keeps altering the timeline he might end up "killing" (erasing) people all over the place.

Now I can see why Naru told Ao to decide what to do by himself instead of just doing what he's told. Destroying the coral is quite the nasty business it seems.
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