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Originally Posted by grey_moon View Post
Sorry I mean that from a PoV of view which RF wrote far better in the sense that ppl fighting over her without her input. At least Kirito is defending her, but Heathcliff's position just doesn't feel right to me.
I didn't mean to say you should change your opinion, or anything like that. If it sounded like I tried to, I'm sorry.
What I meant was, if she was being used as a " trophy " Heathcliff would've just said : " If I win, she stays with us, if I lose, she goes with you ". This wasn't the case, he obviously wants Kirito in the guild, he doesn't really care much if she goes or not on " vacations " for a few days/weeks, plus, he knows she doesn't want to leave. ( Because, wether Kirito wins or is defeated, he stays with Asuna )
Once again, I'm sorry if you felt like I was trying to force my opinion into you, I wasn't trying to.
TL;DR - I am only saying that maybe " using her as a trophy " isn't the best word to describe it, since he was only " playing " with Kirito's " mind " to get him into the duel.

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