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Originally Posted by grey_moon View Post
Most of the MMOs I've played don't discriminate on sexes, so girl or boy they have equal prowess, I say most games but my main one actually has eq that makes it a little easier to gear up a female character as a support type

Unless you mean her psychology as a girl being able to handle the front lines??
Yes, I don't usually see a girl confronting Death like that. I don't think she's even scared while doing it. Atleast I don't think many girls could handle that situation like that...Just like Sachi...she got easily scared with medium-level monsters, right? ( Though Silica didn't seem that much scared, only when she got attacked by surprise, or attacked by many monsters at once ) - But...yeah...this is a game, so maybe it makes it a bit easier to handle it, since as long as you make the right decisions, you'll be fine. Though you need to be confident on your own skills.

I don't know about your game, but it seems interesting. Makes it a lot easier to have someone as a supporter on a team, lol.
I mostly soloed, so I don't know if it's easy or not to find supporters to create a party, though, never really cared about it as long as I could handle things by myself.

Edit: Oh yeah, not to mention, she's a one handed sword wielder.

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