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Originally Posted by Clarste View Post
Girls actually tend to be calmer than boys in life threatening or violent situations. Statistically speaking.
Well, now that one I didn't expect, since I've seen girls get really scared just because they saw a snake ( My school is quite wonderful, specially with snakes, hehe ), most guys were just watching it, while girls were running away, it wasn't a threatening situation, but what I meant was, girls do get easily scared, I mean..even when they see bugs they yell, lol. Since I've never seen any life threatening situation between boys and girls, I guess I have to agree with you, since you have something to back-up you, and I don't ^^
Edit: Do you remember where you found those statistics? I would like to see a few more things in there, if possible ^^, well, if not, no problem, I'll just try to find it.
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