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Originally Posted by LadyRelena View Post
You have to remember that Gundam Unicorn was it's own entity while FT is going off something already established. And how often is it that prequels/sequels actually take the source material and make it better and/or stay within continuity in any genera? Also, if their going to fix FT they might as well just rewrite the whole thing from scratch since it's generally bad from the very first prolog. And lastly, even if they did manage to make a credible story based sequel, I wouldn't care because I don't need another adventure where Earth and Space are on the brink of war. We did that once already and we don't need to do it again.

Here are some good ideas - if they want to get people into the sires again, how about animating the Episode Zero mangas along with Blind Target. I can't remember how long I've wanted those to become an official part if the TV the series. Not only would the origin stories of main characters be more widely known (because not everyone read the mangas) but it would also put an end to the "Is Heero x Relena canon" debate forever. Maybe they could even change the animated Blind Target so that Midi Une is the one that approaches Trowa from his past instead of some random guy named Ralph, who was never once seen or mentioned in his EZ backstory. It would make a hell of a lot more sense.

Another possibility is that they could remake the original series with minor changes to the story - like maybe inserting manga material like this fucking awesome scene right here.

Spoiler for ":

However, if they had to twist my arm and make a sequel of some kind, I would personally, like to see separate OVA's where they show each Gundam pilot after 4 or 5 years and tie up the loose ends in their personal lives/relationships. Sort of like the last episode of Gundam 08th MS team (read or watch it if you don't already know about it. Good show)

I would be extremely amused to see how an actual romance between Dorothy and Quatre would work out (just for the lolz). Some clarification on Wufei and Sally's relationship would be sort of nice too. And I would pay good money to see Trowa x Midi Une happen in the canon material; don't know how it would work but I would love to see it. Midi was such a missed opportunity and so was Sylvia Noventa to a lesser extent.

I guess the point I'm making here is, he obviously wants to "revive an already dead sires" so why not use material he already has instead of destroying whats there with an entirely new plot and clone characters. It just seems stupid to me.

Unicorn is basically a sequel to Char's Counterattack. It follows up on it and ties into all of early UC with Minerva, Marida, the MS used, Bright, Kai, Beltochika, The Axis Shock and the whole plot of Laplace Box. Unicorn is nowhere near a standalone thing. If you knew the ending you would know that. It is basically the key to all of UC.

Originally Posted by Eeni View Post
By the way Duo is portrayed in FT, you would never imagine that he is miserable, but then again, it's in his nature not to show his misery. Anyways, did he even show any remorse or something in the chapter(s) that dealt with his past? Or when talking about Hilde?
WuFei seems to be isolating himself, like he regrets something...
And I have no idea what the others are doing, so ya..............
Duo shows tons of remorse. He was always saying that Hilde should forget about him and go marry up. He is taking care of their son and trying to get him on the right path and doesn't deny him. He feels he has no right to say anything to Hilde.
Wufei has always been a loner. Even more so than Heero but he is working with the others so he isn't really isolated. Kathy is always around him.

Quatre and Trowa were building the suits but lately Quatre been a bit out of wack because of his sister stealing one of his suits and running off. His "Space Heart" stuff is used more in this. She has it too. Quate passed out after he defeated Prometheus because of the strain he had from fighting his sister.
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