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Originally Posted by IkuzeMinna View Post
II understand what you say. Yes, cryogenics are not uncommon in any series with advanced technology. Heck, even Dragonball had them. And I'm not surprised to see it in FT either. I guess I'm the wrong person to explain this, but many people feel it's a cheap plot device and that it doesn't belong to GW.
Personally, I don't mind that it happened but why it happened. And I don't mean the explanation in the novel itself but the author's decision. So far the only sound reason I can come up with why Sumizawa chose to freeze Relena and Heero, thus basically skip their development, was because he wanted to talk about everyone's kids (or sisters or random hobo look-alikes) without having to resolve Heero's and Relena's stories yet. Or rather, he wanted to save them for this new story with new characters. In theory that sounds fine.
But sadly, Sumizawa's insistence to have essentially the old Gundam team assembled again, substantiated by the presence of visual clones of the other pilots, is getting in the way, and as such, the idea comes off as cheap to me. If FT looked less like GW on Mars, I wouldn't even bother mentioning it. Alas, it doesn't and the "Relena, I'll kill you" plot isn't helping shake the notion of a rehash either.

As for the virtual piano playing, well, this is a simple matter of differing opinions. I'm sorry but I find it ridiculous. Both because it reminds me of card games on motorbikes (though I'm sure it could be made to look awesome if animated), and because it doesn't fit into GW. The "craziest" way we saw controlling a robot in GW were by Dorothy and Zechs, who had a battle system help them do it with their minds, since the system works by feeding data directly into the pilot's brain yadda yadda. The way it was explained made sense. And yes, there were no outlandish mind powers or songs or whatever involved.
But referring to other series, just because they're of the same genre, doesn't make much sense in this case, does it? Besides, their ideas aren't strange within their own shows. To take the examples you listed, UC may have had people controlling robots with their minds but the concept of Newtypes wasn't sprung on the audience in a sequel but existed from the start of the series. And G Gundam's mobile trace system made sense. What didn't make sense was a man defeating a giant robot with a scarf.
See, if it had been done like in Soul Eater, where listening to music helps a fighter focus, I would've been okay with it. But this poor excuse for incorporating more classical pieces is making me laugh because I don't see how actually playing a piece during a battle translates as controlling robots. I mean, what? Do Gundam pilots take music lessons now when they train?
I'm sorry, it's silly compared to everything that was used previously in GW. But again, I mean no offense, it's just my own opinion.

The same goes for the names. It doesn't matter if Char is called Quatro Bagina or Full Frontal; he's not in Wing. I'm pretty sure Sumizawa never had anything to do with him. What I'm judging FT by is its prequel and that is solely Gundam Wing. And when we go from names like "Deathscythe" and "Heavyarms" to "Snow White" and "Merciless Fairies" ...I believe it's legitimate to voice one's disapproval.

So yes, I concede, compared to other series out there, FT is pretty tame. But compared to Wing, it's full of goofy ideas.

I would also like to inquire what makes you dislike Destiny so immensely. Aside from killing its characters, I don't see how its story (aside from the last part) could warrant this much distaste. But seeing as this might not be the right place, perhaps a PM would be in order?

Lastly, I would like to apologize that my statement upset you. I realize now that my choice of words can be taken as deprecating toward people's preferences and that I'm out of line demeaning a novel without being asked for my opinion in the same thread provided to its fans to discuss it. I shall watch my words more carefully from now on. Sorry.
The thing is that a robot feeding data directly into someones brain is insanely crazy already. Wing Zero was already crazy. The virtual keyboard is basically a controller for the dolls. Quatrine doesn't have the Zero System. She plays music though. Music is based on rhythm. Evangelion actually had an episode based on rhythm and used music. Quatrine uses the keyboard to allow the dolls to move in unreadable patterns and they can change strategy on the fly by changing the tempo and beat. It was a great idea and well executed. It was basically like a controller sending out signals. Mobile Dolls only exhibit that degree of skill when they are under the Zero System. Again, I find it amazing. The Ride of the Valkyries scene with Wufei was terrible however.

Newtypes in UC weren't crazy with hax until Zeta. Amuro himself didn't start having newtype flashes and things until later in the series. Char never exhibited strong newtype powers. Lalah was the closest to a strong newtype in early UC and she didn't do anything but control her bits really. It wasn't until Zeta when Kamille was summoning ghosts, creating mile long swords and crap that newtypes became haxy individuals. You couldn't tell Amuro and Kamille were the same evolution based on the things they did in their series unless you were told.

Gundam Wing was never a series known for having amazing names. Nearly everyone important was named after a number and the OZ suits were named after the Zodiac. Not that difficult to come up with. Alex and Mueller were named Blue Angel and Red Cancer. Snow White while weird isn't that much of a jump. Giving it 7 dwarfs was logical but face palm worthy though.

Destiny is easily the worst thing to come out of Gundam. The whole final battle was basically stock footage. No characters developed, Shinn had his show stolen from him, Cagalli cried all series, Kira was a robot, Lacus was a plot device, Athrun couldn't think for himself, Lunamaria hooked up with the guy who killed her sister, Rey randomly was a clone and evil, Durandal was forced into the villain roll, the EA were basically written out of the story, Neo was Mwu and didn't even care about the Extended, the Extended were underdeveloped, the final battle ended in flawless victory, Yzak and Dearka randomly decided to follow Terminal in the final battle, Meer was a pointless underdeveloped character, Heine died after 2 episodes when he should have mentored the Minerva crew etc etc etc etc etc
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