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On another note, I was surprised Shun was able to remember his mantra. He's clearly on a level of his own, way above the others. It's kinda frightening actually, and it makes me worry for him: too much power is never a good thing...
I think Saki > Shun.

Okay, "raw stats" wise Shun > Saki. He's obviously the smartest, best PK-user out of the 5, but Saki seems the most clever, i.e. out of the box thinking.

-Helped the drowning rat thing. Not expected at all of people in that society.
-Devised the method in which to capture the library device.
-Got meaningful information out of the library device.
-Figured out how to restore powers (remember, Shun remembered his mantra, but couldn't get his powers back).
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