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I agree that this episode had a lot of awkward transitions.
As for Kiroumaru, I simply think that Satoru's concerns were unfounded. He never received any orders to kill the children. And how could he? Rijin was the only witness and he died before he could communicate with another adult. The monks may have noticed that one of their brethren is missing but it will be likely attributed to the rebellious queerats.
Furthermore, if the Ethics Commitee had word of the children's actions, there is no way they would let them live peacefully for two years.
I think that Kiroumaru just had a general warning not to interact with human children.
Time will tell.
yes, but satorou and saki supposed that kiroumaru himself would report their behaviours to the ethics commitee, wich, according to them, could ask the rats to kill those, i suppose nameless, kids
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