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Originally Posted by ogon_bat View Post
I do not truly believe that. If magically everybody in the middle east forgot their religion the fighting would continue as usual. Truth is religion makes it easier to kill your fellow man, but once the blood has started to flow, there is no end to it until everybody agrees that enough is enough.
Religion is a practice of faith and discipline, in otherwords, the emotional/heart side of a human being.
Very easy to manipulate, very easy to get hurt (offences) very easy to be blind cause of it and very easy to use as a way to get people to do what you want on the basis of something they believe in.

For the non-spiritual:
It's like being in love here or getting done in by a playboy or gold-digger, only the playboy/gold-digger would be a money/power-hungry bastard/bitch, happy to use you for their personal gain or for fun, but you'd have placed faith in the relationship with them.

Originally Posted by GenjiChan View Post
Ironic, religion should guide people to be good with your neighbors. But radicals/extremist twisted it through clever use of statements and false claims to justify killings.

Glad that I'm a person with a religion but not religious enough to be sooner be called as a hypocrite because of my conflicting ideas.
"Not religious enough", what does that mean?

And as it's been said by other members, it's not a religious war. If you look closely at most faiths, they preach very similar basic beliefs, they're not that different.
Religion has been and perhaps sadly always will be used to manipulate, but if it was the definite cause of human conflict, I'd be dead.
Someone would have killed me in London for being Christian years ago, instead of growing up and living with neighbours and local businesses who all are comprised of Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Catholics and Methodists, wishing each other well on our respective religious holidays and living in peace.

Where there's oil, there's money.
Where there's money, there's power.
Where there's power, there's greed.
And where there's greed, they'll always be corruption of humans, who will happy kill and keep on killing, while innocents are sacrificed.

Where is the Middle East heading, for another 30 years of dancing the same dance, even if the tune is changed.
I dare say short of some natural/unnatural major disaster that consumes a mass number of human lives in all the countries there that force peeps to forget their issues and unite to help each other, nothing much will change except the continuing rise of body counts.

Notice how humans actually gain a sense of unity/peace/oneness usually only when our mortality has been severely compromised by some greater force, sometimes movies get it right...

(I notice I'm unusually pessimistic in regards to this conflict, after noticing the Gaza strip conflict back in the early 90s when I was a fledgling, to see nothing has really changed is disheartening)
China and Tibet may get somewhere.
Burma may get somewhere.

The Middle East however has many players in this game, each with various objectives. Even if once upon a time, both sides lived in relative peace, what would it take to mentally shake up those in power enough to remember and work towards that, despite the radicals (as they'll always be radicals. You kill the boss of one, and for some reason their underlings try to be even more batshit crazy in the name of revenge)

Here's hoping that cost isn't overly severe though.

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