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Yeah, there are weirdos everywhere.

I just hate how ppl say I'm a weeaboo b/c they think I watch a ton of Japanese cartoons. tbh I only watch them when the internet explodes in praise for a series and it's not filled with stuff I don't like, so that's only about once every two years... I watch way more American animation yet I am still not happy in my skin and want to be from the glorious Nippon.

Are Nintendo fanboys weeaboos?

Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle View Post that's what the neg rep I got for posting a Japanese music vid in the music forum meant...

Is that all it means? Guess those who love using these terms are more pathetic than I thought
If they used one of the two terms specifically in their neg rep that counts as harassment/slurs and can be reported. Really, calling you a name because you like Japanese music is pretty much racist...

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