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Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle View Post
I actually thought weaboo was a spelling error and couldn't be bothered to lol I guess?
yea, at least reps are over so stuff like this will hopefully stop.

The original term is wapanese from "white" + "japanese". People on 4chan started harassing people who even so much as said that they liked sushi by calling them wapanese (the irony is that the accussers didn't realize how they were being straight racist in calling others names). So 4chan mods did a mass find-replace to change "wapanese" to "weeaboo" (I have no idea why that name). For w/e reason weeaboo is more popular, as is the idea that you can't like Japan if you're not Japanese.

Also funny that they never called ppl who play JPN games weeaboo.

Saintess your comment kinda shows that you think being black is inferior?
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