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Originally Posted by SilverSyko View Post
There's a lot of fetishes I "don't get". That's only one of them.

And it's not like you understand my fetish for suits either right? So like you're one to talk.
You have good taste.

I like girls in suits since it combines two things: the beauty and sexiness of a woman and the cool swagger of the suit.

I find these girls in suits hot and sexy especially if their kissing someone else.

If they're kissing a girl, it's yuri with some faux-hetero if the girl she's kissing is in a dress.

If they're kissing a boy, it's erotic with a hint of faux-yaoi since to the uninformed, it looks like two guys.

Well enough of my love of girls in suits, it time for schoolgirls playing with their food.
This Japanese Schoolgirl Trend Is Messy, Wasteful, and Maybe Delicious
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