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Senran Kagura 11 - For the Want of a Nail

A bit videogamey in parts (but then, considering the origin of the anime, I can't really blame it), but I really liked what this episode did. It played it a little broad, to be sure, but the contrast between the Hanzo girls and the Hebi girls, and how they're directly serving as foils to each other (to say nothing of the relationships they have among themselves) is an episode concept I can get behind. It's a wonderful character study in the middle of all the underwear and the fighting. The only one who didn't get any sort of backstory was Homura, but I suspect they might be saving that for the final episode. Hibari's such a big-hearted girl, trying to save the enemy as well as her friends. Not bad for a rabbit. If this was Madoka, any of the Hebi girls might have turned into a Witch, but they have a chance at redemption here. I want to know more about the universe, especially how the other two quintets of girls introduced in future games also serve as foils to the main characters, and now the Hebi girls too. The ninja magical girl aspect of this series draws me in, but the characters keep me here. Looking forward to the finale! And maybe a second season!
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